ToF Based People Counter for bus solution

As a leading contributor in the VSS industry, Howen is dedicated to innovation in every possible way.

With that innovation, Howen is going to release a new People Counting Camera. It utilizes the latest 3D ToF (Time of Flight) technology, to provide the best performance of passenger counting solution, with the highest level of accuracy, and can work in complicated ambient light environment, in bus door scenarios.

We believe that it will trigger a great impact on the commercial vehicle applications like public bus, intercity bus, subway etc.

Main Features
  • Support two-way people counting;

  • Passenger counting flow accuracy is >99%

  • Frame rate up to 30fps, provides

  • Proper counting range is within (0.5~3) meter

  • Recognition time is within 25ms

  • Less affected by strong light

  • Lower Power consumption

  • Versatile User interface

Benefits of the latest 3D ToF Technology
  • Greatly avoid detection error of multiple objects

  • Emits infrared light with specific wavelength up to 850nm

  • Can accumulate >90% non-human interference scenes in statistical environment


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